Colour Associations – RESEARCH

As I want to use colour to convey my subject and feeling of the location I have looked into colour associations. However, I am aware that colour associations vary for everyone due to upbringing and personal experiences. In the book The language of Colour: An Introduction (as talked about earlier) it states on page 2 that: “colour remains, if not entirely open to any interpretation, nevertheless pretty subjective, pretty wide open to interpretation” and that colour is “ a highly immediate, individual feeling” (pg.9) 

Therefore, I still felt it was very important that I understood the basis associations of each colour so when making my colour choices and choosing my colour combinations I make the correct decisions for the outcome I want to achieve. I do accept however, that not everyone will understand my colour meanings and they are personal and everyone thinks differently.

Image 18-03-2019 at 20.08

My mind map of colour associations gathered from many sources


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